Releasing a form using CM Synergy

Releasing a form with CM Synergy is a two step process. Firstly you must have the sources checked out into a work area (where they are read only), then you must check the individual object out ans assign it to a task.

Create a new work area

Select the project and choose “Check Out…” then use the “Work Area Options…” button to select a new work area ( a work area on an Unix server should be link based).

Check out a form and assign it to a task

March Hare have developed an "additional menu" and a Form Component to simplify the task of performing these actions. A TRX export of these was installed with UD6 in the "help" directory.

The CM Synergy command for check out is ccm co -task task -c filename. This can be executed with a GUI, the command line or through the SQL workbench (by preceding the command with an exclamation mark and using the UD6 Path).

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