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What's New in UD6 3.1 (UD6 and later)

Builds of UD6 2.1.05 starting with include features designated as 'UD6 3.1'.

That probably sounds a bit confusing. It sounds confusing because it is. It's to do with the way we develop the UD6 software internally.

In order to ensure that new releases of UD6 remain as 'backwards compatible' as possible, we develop each new feature (disabled by default) within the 'old' release - in this case we are developing the 'new' 3.1 features inside the old 2.1.05 release.

When we release the first 'beta' of UD6 3.1 it will be identical to the last release of 2.1.05, except the 'default' settings will have changed.

UD6 3.1 is the first release where we are opening this up to customers. The process has already been going for a few years in fact: we first introduced the UD6 3.1 XML file format a few years ago with the UD6IDE Eclipse Based IDE for Uniface. But now we are going further and explaining all the new options and what we currently expect the 'default' 3.1 settings will be.

We will continue to build separate UD6 2.1.05 and 3.1 releases, however after the first beta they may diverge.

If you are currently using a version of UD6 prior to 2.1.05 then we strongly recommend you first upgrade to UD6 or later before upgrading to UD6 3.1.

New to UD6 3.1 are:

Note: *SSE Optimisations are not currently available for testing.
^Set UD6 Parameters in Registry/UD6 params GUI not currently available for testing.

March Hare appreciate any feedback that you have regarding this release. Please send feedback to: support@march-hare.com

The recommended settings are:

USYS$UD6_PARAMS=newglobals v2, fix6870, ud6ide, xmlschema w3c-2001 ie11, xsl w3c ie11, config E:\Uniface_10-3-02\common\bin, timeforce 4, boolforce 2, autodef, fix5635, compiledate cache file, numforce disable, bug6759 all threshold 80 memstep 4096, asnfile E:\Uniface_10-3-02\uniface\adm\ide.asn, notimestamp all, nocompstamp enable, forcedate cache file, ucrelsh 200, refresh 240, newrels disable, mmf files 2048, makefiles reverse group nocase enable wait filename .\sources\makefile.mak, option pack E:\Uniface_10-3-02\common\bin\mhgfp140.dll

Note: you will need to adjust the above example to replace directories such as

with your own correct directory names.

Recommendations for new users:

New users should use UD6 3.1 (or UD6 or later) as your first installation. Use the 'recommended settings' above.

Recommendations for existing users:

Existing users should plan to upgrade to UD6 3.1 as soon as possible. If you cannot upgrade immediately, then you should use UD6 or later until you are able to migrate to 3.1.

If you intend to upgrade to Uniface 10 at any point in the future, you should strongly consider changing to the new default file format first. You can elect to remain with the old file format, but some new UD6 3.1 features rely on the new file formats.

To upgrade to the new file formats you must:


When you export the Uniface 9 repository. for this to work correctly you must specify some additional settings in your ASN file USYS$UD6_PARAMS. These settings are:

USYS$UD6_PARAMS=performance 239, etc etc


Guide to Installing UD6/CMtool driver.
UD6 Troubleshooting Guide
How the driver works (includes a section on the file format)
How to use the driver with a configuration management solution
National Language Support in UD6/CMtool.
Where to get more information
How to get support

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