Configuration files - ASN file

An assignment file was set up to redirect the other entities, as follows:


$UD6  UD6:

$DEF  $DB3



$IDF  $UD6


*.sysenv          usys:*.*

*.dict            $IDF:.\sources\other\*.*


; Dont store temporary data in XML




; Final catch-all for IDF dictionary

*.dict        $idf:.\sources\other\*.*


USYS$UD6_PARAMS=listoptions, buffer 32766, listdir h:\sources\inuse

This assumes a current working directory of the top of the ‘reference’ area of the CM tool.

WARNING: If you have a USYS$UD6_PARAMS specified in both a local ASN file and the usys.asn file, the settings in the usys.asn file override the local assignment file.

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