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Last Updated: Mon Apr 12 13:13:23 CDT 1999

Last Updated: Fri Apr 2 10:26:38 CST 1999

Apr 12, 1999: I've fixed a bug in the g77 runtime library that affects code using getenv. With the buggy version, you get an undefined ref to ``environ''.

If you want egcs-1.1.2/mingw32 to produce executables that use MSVCRT40 instead of the default CRTDLL, then you should be able to use the runtime replacement components in to do just that.

I haven't tested this, so you should definitely save the files that this ZIP archive will replace before doing anything at all.

NO WARRANTIES if you end up with a non-working system. I'm only making this available to avoid answering questions on this topic ;-)

To install:

1.Change to the egcs-1.1.2-mingw32 installation directory (eg., c:\egcs-1.1.2)

2.Unzip the runtime components in this file to replace the ones distributed with original egcs-1.1.2-mingw32 distribution. Use a unzip program that understands long filenames, such as newer versions of WinZIP or Pkunzip.

Files that will be replaced:












The files marked with '<<<<<' are the ones you should definitely save away in case things don't work for you.

After unzipping the archive, you essentially end up with a (hopefully working) version of GNU EGCS development tools that use CRTDLL for itself, but produce executables that use MSVCRT40.DLL instead of the older and less-maintained CRTDLL.DLL.

Known problem:

1) I had forgotten to add g++.exe, c++.exe and g77.exe drivers that refer to crtdll. If you have problems, you can rename libcrtdll.a to libmsvcrt.a in i386-mingw32/lib directory. Apr 2, 1999.

Mumit Khan <>

Last Updated: Mon Apr 12 13:13:23 CDT 1999

Last Updated: Fri Apr 2 10:26:38 CST 1999

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