del2list.exe name-and-path-of-list-file 





optional-parameter-to-command ...

The first two (2) parameters are strictly for the purposes of maintaining the inuse file. The other parameters facilitate keeping a ‘reference’ copy of the contents of the configuration management tool up to date.

The seconds-to-wait parameter specifies the number of seconds to wait before performing the command, this may be particularly useful for avoiding deadlock situations. Specifying a seconds to wait of other than 0 in windows, forces the del2list command to operate as an asynchronous process (in Unix use the & operator as normal to create an asynchronous process).

Whilst the last four (4) parameters are optional, if you wish to specify a later parameter, you must specify the earlier parameters (e.g., you cannot specify command-to-perform without specifying seconds-to-wait and default-directory, but they may be 0 and .).

The filenames may optionally contain special strings that are replaced by del2list before it writes the filename to the inuse file:

String Replaced by
:local: nothing
:cwd: current working directory
/ \ in windows platforms
\ / in non-windows platforms

del2list recognises the following options:

Option Meaning
-rstring;string String to remove from the first 3 parameters. This is useful for removing duplicate drive specifiers, or mount points from the filenames.
-v Verbose mode, prints the command line
-x Do not activate asynchronous mode. Asynchronous mode is only activated on Windows platforms.
-j~ combine parameters delimited by a ~, replace all spaces with separator characters (eg: for Windows:\\ or for Unix:/)..
-afilename.asn Assignment file to use for removing the redirection of .frm, .aps, .svc and .rpt files.


The comparison that del2list performs on the filenames is case sensitive, so if the inuse file contains H:\fred.xml and del2list requests the deletion of h:\fred.xml, no match will be made.


del2list h:\inuse g:\src\uform\A001.XML 2 . /c dir


del2list h:\inuse  :cwd:A001.XML 2 . /c dir 

For more information about the INUSE file please see:

INUSE file format Format of the file for ‘checked out’ files.
USYS$UD6_PARAMS Actual driver parameters from assignment file.
SQL Workbench For use with running operating system commands and updating parameters during an IDF session

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