Linking to the ADD2LIST/DEL2LIST ‘C’ Interface

There are 2 ways that you can link to the add2list/del2list ‘c’ call interface:

When you install UD6/CMtool Driver the installation program automatically installs ud6list.dll in the Uniface bin directory. This Dynamic Link Library can be used for linking with the ‘C’ interface.

Alternatively when you install the UD6 Full Product (requires a license key), you can select custom install, and install the sources. This will install the library ud6list.obj in the Uniface 3gl/ud6/lib directory and the include file /ud6list.h in the Uniface 3gl/ud6/include directory.

For more information about the INUSE file please see:

INUSE file format Format of the file for ‘checked out’ files.
USYS$UD6_PARAMS Actual driver parameters from assignment file.
SQL Workbench For use with running operating system commands and updating parameters during an IDF session

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