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ASN Settings for Upgrading

This guide explains how to upgrade to UD6 2.1.0x from UD6 1.3.xx. If you have an earlier version of UD6 to upgrade please first see the article "ASN Settings for Upgrading" in the topic "Upgrading UD6/CMtool Driver to 1.03".

UD6 2.1 introduces some new DRIVER SETTINGS and changes the "default" value of others for USYS$UD6_PARAMS.

If you are currently making use of the "default functionality" of UD6 1.03 you may need to make changes to USYS$UD6_PARAMS in your ASN file.

For all users of UNIFACE 8 we do not recommend using the supresszero v1 setting.

If Using Use these ASN file settings.

default USYS$UD6_PARAMS=xsl ie5, etc etc

default USYS$UD6_PARAMS=noemptytrig disable, chkver disable, etc etc

default USYS$UD6_PARAMS=newrels disable, etc etc .

default USYS$UD6_PARAMS=newglobals disable, etc etc

default USYS$UD6_PARAMS=notrx disable, mmf binary disable, etc etc

If you are using the UD6 Option Pack and intend to use the MAKE / Buld Management features then it will be necessary to check out all forms and compile them to create the initial Makefile. You can use the USYS$UD6_PARAMS=makefiles setting to specify various options.

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