uvcs2cvs.exe [-v] [-h] wildcard

Converts the UVCS source files into Uniface Repository files and fires the appropriate CVS or other version control system commands.

This tool is available for Windows platforms only. If you are storing your repository on Unix we suggest you use the Windows client of your SCM tool to migrate your source code then use the Unix client for day to day operation. Unix licensees of UD6 can download the Windows only utilities including UVCS2CVS from the customer download area of the march-hare.com web site.

Environment Variables

set CVS1=cvs add %s

set CVS2=cvs commit -F %s %s

set CVSDIR=..\

CVS1 and CVS2 can point to any command line which invokes a version control add and commit operation. The parameter to the add operation is the filename of the source file being added (new). The parameters to the commit operation are: a filename with a message for the checkin, and the name of the directory / file being committed.

uvcs2cvs recognises the following options:

Option Meaning
-v Verbose mode, prints the command line
-n Newsubtypes, uses the newer UD6 1.03 directory structure
-h Remove the tags: wvpos, whpos, wvsiz, whsiz from the UVCS source code.


cd sources\uvcs

uvcs2cvs -h *

For more information about the converting from UVCS to CVS see:

UVCS Migration Guide to migrating from UVCS to CVS.

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