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Search and Replace using XMLGREP.

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Now that your Uniface source code is stored in plain ASCII text files with the UD6/CMtool Driver you can use industry standard search and replace tools such as GNU GREP. An easy to use XMLGREP tool is included in UD6 1.03 Option Pack.

All the functions of the Form ToolKit product have been replaced by UD6+Option Pack.

The UD6/CMtool Driver stores your Uniface source code in plain ASCII text files in XML format. This means that your proc code, registers, entity and field definitions and your components can all be searched and updated using industry standard tools as well as the Uniface IDF.

March Hare's XMLGREP is an ideal tool for searching and replacing within Uniface. Since UD6 supplies the source code in plain ASCII text files, it does not matter if what you want to change is a primary key or embedded in 1000 forms - it can all be done in a matter of seconds.

Of course since the XML files produced by UD6 are not an export - your changes are viewable instantly from within the IDF.

Evaluation copies of UD6 available here include the Option Pack and XMLGREP.

A QuickTime movie of using Uniface, UD6 and XMLGREP is also available.

March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing your configuration management and/or Uniface solutions. Please visit our consultants page for more information.

- XMLGREP is available for all Windows platforms. Unix users may use either the command line version of grep or use the Windows version of XMLGREP with a SAMBA share.

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