[Cvsnt] Argh. CVSNT setup on W2K problems

Bil Simser bsimser at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 3 13:46:44 BST 2002


I'm trying to get CVSNT running on my system. I went through various
instructions (which read like a stereo manual, incomprehensible) but found a
walkthrough here:

So this got me going to step 9. CVS is running and everything looks good
however the instructions read:

Open a command window and do the following (replace items <text> with the
real values from your system):
set cvsroot=:ntserver:<computername>:/TEST
cvs passwd -a <your NT username>

When I issue the cvs command I get this response:

C:\>cvs passwd -a "User Name"
cvs [passwd aborted]: the :ntserver: access method is not supported by this
port of CVS

So now I'm wondering what should I do? I had it running before with another
set of instructions and was able to commit to the repository, but the paths
were not the default and I wasn't sure how to move forward to using pserver
and cvsweb so I uninstalled all that and re-installed a clean copy with the
default paths.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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