[Cvsnt] Automatically creating backups?

Torsten Martinsen torsten at image.dk
Mon Jun 3 19:30:54 BST 2002

There's no reason I know of to use PKZIP anymore.

Instead use the free zip/unzip from Info-Zip: http://www.info-zip.org/


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Subject: [Cvsnt] Automatically creating backups?

> Hi!
> Could some people please tell me how they go about creating automatic
> backups of their CVS repositories?
> I used to automatically run a batch file in the very early morning using
> some old version of pkzip, but on Win2000 this thing doesn't seem to have
> long filename support...
> Does any of you know of a free and easy tool to fully automatically (no nag
> messages...) create backups (in .zip or another well-known format, not that
> Windows embedded backup tool format)?

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