[Cvsnt] importing large module size

Bo Berglund Bo.Berglund at system3r.se
Tue Jun 4 16:52:11 BST 2002

There are several reasons one can think of for importing binaries into CVS:
1) The binaries are part of the graphics for the application (image files)
2) The exe file, even though it can be built again, not everybody working
   on the repository and checking out files have the development tool for
   the module and still want the exact revision of the exe to test against
   error reports or similar.
3) At a later time it is not even possible to build the same exe file because
   all developers 'upgraded' some Windows component or other that gets
   automatically included in the exe file (DAO comes to my mind). Then it is
   valuable to be able to check out the exact revision from CVS.
4) If you are using third party stuff in your distro then it is also good
   to track these (ActiveX, DLL etc) component files so that they are
5) Another kind of third party software is the files for MSDE...
   We actually stuffed the whole 67 Mb install package for MSDE and SQL7 SP3
   into CVS so that we can use it in our setup scripts (also versioned in CVS).
   (With this we also observed a not-so-slight increase in command execution


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> Thanks Paul, there're some binary files in the module I
> wanted to import.

Right, I see.

I haven't actually worked out to use WinCVS yet, your projects just sounded
very large and now I see why.

Do you really need to back up the binaries? According to the documentation
CVSNT doesn't handle them very well anyway and you should be able to rebuild
binaries from source code (of course). :-)


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