[Cvsnt] CVS Problem

Arvind Raman arvind_raman_tech at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 15:12:14 BST 2002

Well with my limited knowledge of CVS I feel u can't
do this without having a checked out copy of the other
database wherein you want to auto commit this file. If
thats not possible / acceptable one very crude way of
doing this would be is to schedule a process (such
that the commit happens) which would copy the file (I
am talking about the RCS file here) at an appropriate
place into the other repository. I understand nobody
would recommend this approach though.


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I've got a tipical problem.
When I do a commit, I want to replicate the commited
files to another

I have done:
	Touch the module file to get the post-commit event.
	I execute a File (.cmd)
		If the update is on this file, I get a lock problem.
		If I throw a start command, It doesn't seem to

I know this is a tipical problem I surely you've got
the solution.

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