[cvsnt] opposite of 'cvs export'?

Aaron Kynaston akynaston at novell.com
Wed Apr 2 18:26:06 BST 2003

Hey all, I've run in to an interesting situation.

I have developers who have imported all of their local source code (cvs
import'ed), and wonder why their code isn't 'connected' to cvs.

They forgot that they have to 'cvs co' to create their sandboxes and get a
version that CVS can handle.

I would very much like the ability to generate from CVS **ONLY** the CVS
directories . . like exactly the opposite of a 'cvs export'.  That way,
they'd simply be able to move the directory structure of CVS dirs on top
of their local directories, and then do a cvs up to continue to ensure
that no files were ignored ect.

Any one have an idea?

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