[cvsnt] Problems installing CVSNT with Windows2003 Server

Timothy Parez tpsoftware at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Apr 3 18:36:45 BST 2003


I installed cvsnt to c:\program files\cvsnt (the default directory chosen by the installer)

I created a directory e:\cvsserver
In which I have e:\cvsserver\cvsrepo and f:\cvsserver\cvstemp

I used this as noted in the installation guide.
Then I tried to install the test repository
I created an empty folder: e:\cvsserver\cvsrepo\test
I chose add to add a repository and then I get the following messagebox:

e:\cvsserver\cvsrepo\test exsists but is not a valid cvs repository, do you want to initilize it ?
I click yes

Then I get
Repository initialization failed, to see the errors please run
cvs -d e:/cvsserver/cvsrepo/test init

So I run this from the console windows (cmd.exe) but then I get no errors and the CVS structure seems to get build.

What does this mean ?
Will it work now ?


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