[cvsnt] All Files in the repository show up as modified!

Damian Maclennan damian.lists at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 7 13:27:33 BST 2003

Let me guess... you just hit daylight savings ?

Take a look at www.cvsnt.org . On the front page are some links to
discussions about this problem.


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I took a break from developing for the weekend and when I opened up WinCvs
on Monday all the files in every module in the repository are showing up red
and say they are modified.  I diff the files and they are the same as the
ones in the repository.

I can't update or commit the red files to make them show up white.  They are
unedited.  I even imported a new dummy module and that shows up as having
all the files modified even though I only imported it.

Any help on this I would appreciate.


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