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P.Goovaerts at Clipper.Be P.Goovaerts at Clipper.Be
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I work with the IBM WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD) tool to develop 
in java.  This product is based on 'Eclipse'.
So the login is done automatically.  Same for the command 'cvs co 
B/Start', I presume... (I don't use cvs from command line).
Maybe I have to move the question to the 'IBM WSAD newsgroup'.


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I'm not sure if I completely understand your question, but tipically,
when you have many files in CVS, you can simply check out the directory
(CVS calls it a module) from cvs.

For example, if my repository has A, B and C directories, and B
contains a Start directory, I can check out Start, just by saying:

cvs co B/Start

And You'll just get what you want. (this is assuming you have CVSROOT
set, and you've logged in, if using pserver).

Does this awsner your question?

It is true, you do have to have a local copy of the files from CVS to
change them.  I think CVS calls it a sandbox or simply a 'local copy'.

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>>> <P.Goovaerts at Clipper.Be> 04/03/03 08:10AM >>>
I'm evaluating CVS to use as our Versioning System for WSAD development

and some questions arise (maybe because of faulty usage?)

- I created a 2 projects in WSAD.  1 webapp and 1 'General Utilities'
- Then I moved both to the CVS-repository using 'Synchronize with
- Finally I 'versioned' the projects using 'Version from workspace'

Another user can load both project into his WSAD_workspace and 'update'

the webapp-project.  He needs the 'General Utilities' to use the 
in the webapp-project.

At the same time I change the 'General Utilities' (add new utilities)
and update the CVS_stream.  From this moment web_developer has
another version of the 'General Utilities'-project and has no access 
to the new utilities...  I suppose he  needs to reload the 'General 
from CVS...

But this means we have to reload from CVS over and over....

We are at the 'beginning stage' of developing web_applications and 
client_server java applications.  This means that lots of 
(company specific) needs to be defined.
So actually, while I'm working on the 'General Utilities'-project,
works on web_apps and needs new 'General Utilities' very often.

As far as I understand CVS now, every time one need to change a
(General utilities - webproject in our case), one has to load all
he needs into his workspace, do his job, update the CVS_stream, version

project and clears his workspace. 

1) Is this correctly understood ?

2) When I have an EnterpriseApp with 3 web-apps, do I always have to
reload the complete EnterpriseApp + all related web-apps ???  What do
do when 2 developers work on a different webapp belonging to same 

Patrick Goovaerts

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