[cvsnt] Re: why I can't get the filename include chinese character in output of "cvs history"

Paul Russell paul_newsgroups at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 10 00:54:36 BST 2003

Some of our files have Japanese filenames and they store correctly, the CVSROOT\History file views correctly, and ViewCVS works fine too. Maybe everything is already in Unicode, although we did nothing special when creating the files in Windows2000 and Windows98.
This is with CVSNT Build66 and viewcvs-1.0.dev-win-r3 
Server is on Windows2000 - either the Japanese Version, or an English version with the MUI installed (Multiple User Interface - International support).
And you need to View the history file with a program that shows the International Characters.
Paul R.
 Tony Hoyle <tmh at nodomain.org> wrote:On Wed, 09 Apr 2003 13:56:16 +0800, zhuyunchuan wrote:

>I checked the file "history" in CVSROOT of CVS repo and found that the
>filename with Chinese character recorded correctlly. why was the Chinese
>character replaced by space or null?
You can't store chinese filenames in CVS. It's a limitation of the platform,
really... NT only supports Unicode (which requires you to rewrite most of
your code) or ANSI (which is dependent on codepage & 8bit only), unlike Unix
which encodes extended characters as Utf8 and so tends to work OK.

There's also no codepage information stored with the RCS comment fields, which
makes the entire repository non-portable across languages... so it's not just
chinese that has the problem.


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