[cvsnt] Re: Using CVSNT and Norton-Antivirus on same Machin

Glen Starrett grstarrett at cox.net
Mon Apr 14 19:29:20 BST 2003

On a related note, I'm using NAV on my server (also lightly used, primarily
by me at this time) with it's real-time protection on.  I did tell it to
exclude the CVS directories (temp + repos) and I checked the "Check
exclusions before scanning" otherwise it *still* scans the file, it just
doesn't report anything if it found something.

I haven't had any problems yet--but "yet" is the key word.  I am backing up
the repositories nightly and waiting to see what happens.  I am hoping that
NAV can run alongside because this server is used for other purposes than
just CVS and still needs the protection.

Supported interop with NAV would be the highest thing on my "wish list" for

Glen Starrett

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I'm running NAV 2003 and CVSNT concurrently and I've had no problems for
about a month of operation. Mind you, I'm not using CVSNT extensively. I
merely use it's basic features on a regular basis. On a related note, McAfee
and CVSNT does not work well. From my experience with McAfee v6.0 and v7.0,
it seems that the following is the case:

v6.0 - Skip the install of McAfee Firewall and you can have CVSNT working
alongside McAfee Antivirus.
v7.0 - This does not work in anyway. Installing just Antivirus, or both
crashes CVSNT service on any CVS command.

I have no idea what the actual cause of this bug is (I don't have the time
to debug it - seems pretty obscure too). But I haven't enjoyed McAfee's
incessant need to reboot on virus definition updates so I haven't really
been affected by the switch to Norton.


"Matthias Klein" <kleinmatthias at web.de> wrote in message
news:b72efl$vnj$1 at sisko.nodomain.org...
> What is the Bug with Norton-Antivirus in particular.
> Norton offers a option to exclude some directories
> from the autoprotection. Would that be enough or is
> the bug a bigger thing?
> Matthias

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