[cvsnt] Re: Ampersand modules again [was: cvs checkout -d broken in 2.0.0?]

Glen Starrett grstarrett at cox.net
Tue Apr 15 21:20:40 BST 2003

After the last set of messages on this last week I finally looked up what
ampersand modules (are supposed to) do.  They do look valuable for common
module inclusion, but I'm not sure why this would be used over aliased
modules.  When are you using ampersand modules, and do you use aliased
modules (and when)?

The docs I've seen explain how they work, but don't even really attempt to
show use examples.


Glen Starrett

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On 15 Apr 2003 18:03:51 +0200, Oliver Koltermann <okoltermann at gmx.de> wrote:

>But now I saw an even more bad behaviour: While using the workaround
>cvs checkout ampermod
>ren ampermod xyz
>i even get a corrupted working copy *without* the -d option. There
>seems to be a discrepancy on the place between some files and the
>corresponding CVS folder. I get a CVS folder in the actual working
>directory with the Entries, Enties.Extra, Repository and Root of a
>subdir (WinCVS claims missing files here). In the corresponding
>subdirectory I find the files and a CVS folder with contents that lead
>WinCVS to the conclusion that the files are "NonCvs file"s.
Have you tried 2.0.1?  That doesn't do the ampersand correctly if you don't
specify the '-d' but seems to be OK if you do. (which is annoying because it
worked last time I tried it).  It certainly seems to get the CVS/Entries
in any case.

It's possible you're the only one using ampersand modules, but it'd be nice
it worked.


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