[cvsnt] Ampersand modules

Torberger Ulf ulf.torberger at capitalc.se
Wed Apr 16 13:40:43 BST 2003

Hi all,
we are using ampersand modules since sept -02. We run CvsNT Build
66 and WinCVS 1.3B10 and Tortoise 1.2.2.
Most of our regulary modules are small. Approx 8% of all our (110) modules
are ampersandmodules
and mostly used for defining products and productcomponents. There is also a
couple of ampersandmodules
defined by ambersand modules (nested). It all works fine !! There is no
problem whatsoever with it.

But latest version of CvsNT (2.0.1a) is not working properly with
When checkingout ampersandmodules, a folder named "(null)" is created
containing the actual modules.
Also at same level as the "(null)" folder another folder named to the
ampersandmodule is created with no actual content except "CVS"

Guess we have to wait a while to upgrade to 2.0.x.

Thanks for CvsNT, its an exellent tool.

/Ulf Torberger

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