[cvsnt] Feature request: Commitable tags

Oliver Giesen ogware at gmx.net
Mon Apr 28 12:42:54 BST 2003

> The way I'd do it (assuming I'm reading the problem correctly) would be
> to ever branch the reports that change, and leave the others on the trunk,
> then when you checkout the customers' branch, use the '-f' flag to
> the latest trunk revisions where the file isn't branched.

Hmmm, seems feasible. But I definitely shouldn't introduce any more branches
into this then, e.g. experimental stuff, post-release fix branches or the
likes... ;)

BTW: What would happen if I do a checkout -f on a branch tag and then commit
changes to a file that previously did not have that branch tag? Would the
branch automatically be created for that file?

I guess in the long run I will go for hacking the third-party report engine
into natively allowing inheritance of report layouts. That way the
customized reports would just contain the diffs to their generic "parents"
so I wouldn't even have to touch them for making changes that apply to all
versions of them, which would make them a whole lot more manageable...

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!


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