[cvsnt] CVS Information

Nikolai Onken info at nikolaionken.com
Thu Jul 15 12:10:48 BST 2004

Hey everybody,

I am new to CVS and still struggling with grasping the whole thing. I tried
the book 'Version Management With CVS' (Addison Wesley) but didn't really
find the basic knowledge I am looking for. 
I hope this hasn't been asked too often already - I browsed the archives.
What's the concept of Modules? I am working on a project called cframework
so would the folder c:\CVS\cframework be a module or the root for the
Or is it meant that for example c:\CVS\cframework\code is the directory for
the module code, where all the code is stored in and
c:\CVS\cframework\manual would be the one for the module manual? 
Are there any websites explaining it for Windows users? I'd love to use
Linux though :) 
Thanks a lot for you help - regards,


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