[cvsnt] Re: Problem with embedded spaces in XP local user name?

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Wed Jul 28 00:17:24 BST 2004

Dan Hoyt wrote:
> I just installed cvsnt v2.0.41a client (included with WinCVS 1.3),
> and I cannot connect from an XP machine to a Solaris cvs store.  I
> get the error:
>> cvs status: rsh server reported: permission denied cvs [status
>> aborted]: Connection to server failed

That looks like the configuration on the solaris server isn't letting 
you in - check the .rhosts file on the other end.

> This works perfectly fine for my coworkers, but not for me, which
> leads me to believe that it is a problem with the local user name in
> XP, as the only difference I can find is that my XP login is
> different than my userid on the Solaris box (with the cvs store), and

It won't be that, assuming you've specified the username on the CVSROOT. 
  The local username isn't used in that case.

How are you conneting?  I'm guessing something like 
:server:dhoyt at server:/repository - this should work.


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