[cvsnt] Re: CVSNT Advantages Page

Oliver Giesen ogware at gmx.net
Fri Jun 18 12:57:39 BST 2004

Tony Hoyle wrote:

>>Apparently, there is also "cvs rls". Probably relates to "cvs ls" as 
>>"cvs rtag" relates to "cvs tag".
> Uh oh.
> 'cvs ls' on CVSNT is always on the remote repository.  'cvs rls' is a
> redundant idea. 
> That sounds like 'cvs ls' on cvshome.org CVS is on the local sandbox
> (duplication of the 'ls' command???)
> That's not going to work with WinCVS or the CVSNT client (which
> obviously assumes CVSNT semantics), and is going to confuse the hell
> out the users as they're going to expect it to do the same thing.

Maybe you could check whether the server supports "rls" and if so send 
that instead. Of course that doesn't guarantee it accepts the same 
options... the manual doesn't appear to be updated for that yet. Anyone 
who has got that installed yet and could supply details?

BTW: I just updated the Advantages page with everything I could think of 
off the top of my head that I felt was still missing w.r.t the latest 
stable CVSNT release. Might be a good idea if somebody took a quick look 
at it as I'm not entirely up-to-date with the current featureset of the 
various GNU CVS releases myself...


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