[cvsnt] Latest updates

Chris Little cslittle at mac.com
Thu Nov 11 20:07:49 GMT 2004

in article cn0cto$3ip$1 at paris.nodomain.org, Tony Hoyle at tmh at nodomain.org
wrote on 11/11/04 2:01 PM:

> Chris Little wrote:
>> It's not too hard to do.  The WinCVS uninstall can look through the sub-keys
>> of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
>> and find the entry for CVSNT.  That UninstallString sub-key will be the
>> command to uninstall CVSNT.  This is basically what the Add/Remove Program
>> options does.  You can adjust the options on the command line to make the
>> MSI uninstall UI-less.
> It's a pity that the MSI upgrade system is so sucky.. you have to do a
> major upgrade by changing the product key, otherwise it puts up a dialog
> box telling you to uninstall the previous version instead of doing the
> upgrade.
> I'll have to see if there's a way of writing the product key to a fixed
> registry key.

Having the product key is nice but there are other options.  The WinCVS
installer could iterate through the sub-keys and look at the DisplayName or
one of the other fields to decide which uninstall command to use.  This is
the method we use for a small clean up application that needs to be able
remove multiple versions of one of our applications.


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