[cvsnt] cvs update overwrites changes

Torsten Martinsen torsten at tiscali.dk
Wed Mar 2 19:59:24 GMT 2005

Bo Berglund wrote:

>>>I am a bit confused, however, since the edit command was always used
>>>here. I have always thought this was a part of concurrency and a
>>>method to keep track of who was doing what, 
>>>since one developer can commit his copy of the file while another
>>>developer has it edited.
>>That was exactly my point. Bo's post implied that using "cvs edit" prohibits
>>concurrent development, but it does not.
>No, what I meant is that cvs edit is *not needed* because CVS is a concurrent
>tool and it will handle the changes properly even when everyone checks out
>all files in read/write mode.
Indeed it will. But David's assumption that it is "a method to keep 
track of who was doing what" is also correct.


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