[cvsnt] Re: Forcing server character set?

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Tue Mar 8 14:00:51 GMT 2005

Torkild Ulvøy Resheim wrote:
> We're using an "ancient" programming language (Visual DataFlex) which is still 
> in the DOS era so we need to code our files using Cp850 in order to get our 
> national characters (æ/ø/å) correct. Lately we've written our own development 
> tools for this language using Eclipse. Now when we compare files using the 
> visual diff, we get differences wherever these national characters are 
> involved. Since the Eclipse projects are set to use Cp850 my idea was to 
> force the CVS server to use the same so that we don't get any differences.

The CVS server in this case isn't causing the differences in the files - 
it doesn't care about codepages unless you tell it (and if you're using 
eclipse this isn't an option as it doesn't support them).

It sounds more like a bug in your visual diff program.


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