[cvsnt] Migration of CVS to CVSNT on Solaris

Cryer, Phil C. (STL) - cont PCCryer at express-scripts.com
Mon Dec 11 16:11:06 GMT 2006

As I've been discussing, I'm migrating an existing CVS instance over to
CVSNT, on Solaris, both will be on the same box, so I'm wondering if
there are any unseen gotchas I may hit.  

My plan is to install CVSNT on the box first, this way Devs using the
old CVSROOT shouldn't see any changes; their old clients pointing to
CVSROOT will still be valid.

After that I want to create a new repository and start moving groups
over one by one.  The issue I can now see is that I don't think I can
symlink the old CVSROOT to the new one to keep backward compat.  Is this
correct?  I'm all for just having Dev's change their CVSROOT once we've
moved them, but Project MGR wants to know if they can keep it, and I can
just symlink.  My test on my sandbox failed; couldn't even login.

Any other 'gotchas' that can be forseen in this situation?  I'm assuming
just 'mv -f' the files from the old CVSROOT to the new will work, and
then I can apply perms from there.


Phil Cryer
Application Engineer
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