[cvsnt] Cvslockd won't run on

Cryer, Phil C. (STL) - cont PCCryer at express-scripts.com
Tue Dec 12 19:52:53 GMT 2006

cvs at esi1p83d:/usr/local/bin>./cvslockd -d
Could not open /etc/cvsnt/PServer
Initialising socket...
Starting lock server on port 2402/tcp...
Socket bind failed: errno 126 on socket 3 (AF 26) - closing socket
Socket bind failed: errno 125 on socket 4 (AF 2) - closing socket
Couldn't bind listening socket... Address already in use
cvs at esi1p83d:/usr/local/bin>

So I restarted at cvslockd -p 2403 -- is there any issue with not
running it on the default?  Also, do I have to run the cvslockd server?

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