[cvsnt] Cvslockd won't run on

Glen Starrett glen.starrett at march-hare.com
Wed Dec 13 02:49:27 GMT 2006

David Somers wrote:
>> Cryer, Phil C. (STL) - cont wrote:
>>> cvs at esi1p83d:/usr/local/bin>./cvslockd -d Could not open
>>> /etc/cvsnt/PServer

You have a permissions problem -- could not open the PServer file (or it 
isn't there -- did you copy over the PServer.example to PServer yet?). 
Make sure your service user can read the file.

> FWIW, if you are getting zombie cvslockd processes and you can't upgrade to
> a newer version of cvsnt, set up a cron job to pkill any cvslockd processes
> every 24 hours or so.

Are you having trouble with locked up lock daemons?  It shouldn't be a 
problem to let it run in the background as a service constantly.

>> This is a big 
>> company I'm working for, and they just do not bend on many things, thus,
>> the box is used by a ton of people, and it's a mess.
> Ah, the joys of working for a one of those corps.

Yup, cost-cutting themselves to death.  Penny wise, pound foolish as the 
saying goes.


Glen Starrett

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