[cvsnt] Ubuntu Edgy - cvsnt installed but no sserver available

JBarry at decaresystems.ie JBarry at decaresystems.ie
Wed Dec 13 16:12:52 GMT 2006

Thanks for the reply David.

I checked the supported protocols and sserver is not listed, even though I ran
the dbkp -install for the cvsnt-protocol-sserver.deb file. Is there another way
I should be installing sserver?

sspi is one of the available protocols but when I try to use it I get invalid
user, password or domain.

I installed winbind using apt-get install winbind

Then uncommented the winbind entry in the PServer file. I'm kind flying by the
seat of my pants here, so any and all advice is appreciated.


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             12/13/2006 01:55 PM         Re: [cvsnt] Ubuntu Edgy - cvsnt        
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JBarry at decaresystems.ie wrote:

> I'm relatively new to both the Linux platform and cvsnt. We have a CVS
> repository that can only be accessed via CVSNT, normally through Eclipse
> on a Windows environment. I have been experimenting with creating a
> Virtual Ubuntu image with Eclipse pre-installed for development purposes
> but I am having a hell of a time trying to connect to the CVS repository.
> I've downloaded CVSNT and installed using alien. Everything seems to be
> installed, even the sserver.deb file. But when I try the following
> cvsnt -d :sserver:myname at myserver.mydomain.ie:2222:/javarepo login

You're running it on port 2222?

> I get the following message
> cvsnt [login aborted]: the :sserver: access method is not available on
> this system

At a guess the package has been compiled without sserver support.
# cvs info
To see what protocols are available.

If sserver is available, have you set up the certificates too?

> Can anyone help with this and point me in the right direction. Is there
> any SSPI support available on Linux?

Yes. Setup winbind in /etc/cvsnt/PServer

David Somers
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