[cvsnt] cvsnt and Active directory

Ralf Wiegand mrsun2001 at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 19 15:15:44 GMT 2006

Hello - I'm new to the cvsnt software, but we need to
get version control for our programmers.
Our environment is a windows active directory network.
We have Linux RedHat Enterprise 3 and 4 server running
samba.  The Linux server has all the diskspace.  User
authentication is done via samba-kerberos to the NT AD
I'm reseraching on how to setup cvsnt and samba-AD
authentication.  I couldn't find any how-to white
pages a link to a webpage on how to get this done.

I would be really greatfull if somebody can give me
some direction in this matter.

Ralf Wiegand

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