[cvsnt] Problem locking a file

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Tue Dec 19 22:01:32 GMT 2006

Amarinderpal Singh wrote:

> Just to clarify in MacCVSX Client's 3.3a2 GUI there is no option (checkbox
> or button) for "check for valid edits before committing" as there is in
> WinCVS clients commit dialog [under commit option tab].
> Please suggest a way fro using commit -c option in MacCVSX.

Ask for help on the WinCVS/CVSGUI mailing list (see http://wincvs.org or
http://groups.yahoo.com/subscribe/cvsgui), since your problem is related to
the GUI and not the cvsnt client or server.

BTW, MacCVSX hasn't been updated for a long time... do you really need to
use it? Doesn't your IDE support cvs[nt], etc? Have you looked at
alternatives such as MacCVSClient (http://www.heilancoo.net/MacCVSClient)?

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