[cvsnt] get updates from windows server from linux client

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Dec 20 04:20:57 GMT 2006

> We are running cvcnt on a windows server and I'm trying get
> using cvs client on linux and I keep getting "/e//cvs/CVSROOT"
> no such repository error

Firstly ensure you are running the latest stable release of CVSNT:  Make sure your Linux client has been upgraded to CVSNT as 

You have named your repository with a name that is illegal in linux.  In the 
CVSNT control panel on the windows server the repository has a "physical" 
name and a "logical" name.  it looks like your "physical name" is probably 
e:\cvs\CVSROOT.  Change the "logical" name to something like "/wellsfargo" 
and then use that name:
cvs -d :pserver:hostname:/wellsfargo login


Arthur Barrett
March Hare Software
Authors of CVSNT -  CVS Suite - CVS Professional

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