[cvsnt] How do I change default -k options per file on the server?

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Wed Nov 1 21:32:46 GMT 2006


Is there any way to mark an existing file in the CVSNT repository that 
it should *always* be checked out or updated with LF line-endings on the 
Windows platform with the CVSNT client? I added them to the repository 
*without* specifying -k+L -- now I have to remember to specify -k+L on 
every checkout or update! How do I change default -k options permanently 
for each such file? cvs update only seems to affect the current sandbox; 
I want cvs log to show "keyword substitution: kvL" for each such file. 
(I don't want to specify the option for checkout and update in ~/.cvsrc, 
since I must also deal with DOS convention files on the same Windows 
computer and even in the same sandbox directory.)

I use Cygwin on Windows, but I don't install the Cygwin CVS client 
because I want to use the CVSNT client and TortoiseCVS in all my working 
sandboxes, and of course the use of both types of client would mess the 
sandboxes up. I also have a mixture of files on Windows requiring Unix 
and DOS conventions (e.g. certain dot-files for Cygwin require LF-only 
line endings), and SSH seems to transfer files verbatim between Windows 
and Unix hosts--obviously LF endings have to be maintained on my Windows 

What should I be doing here to repair my oversight in originally dding 
the files without "-k+L"?

I have read the manual, probably I've missed something...

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