[cvsnt] Checksum failure after patch

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-cvsnt at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Nov 3 06:08:50 GMT 2006

At Thursday 2/11/2006 12:45, Harrison, Andy wrote:

>cvs update -P -A -- testfile.txt (in directory C:\Test\newrepo\cvstest\)
>P testfile.txt
>cvs update: checksum failure after patch to ./testfile.txt; will refetch
>cvs client: refetching unpatchable files
>U testfile.txt

Don't worry - it's just a warning, not an error. update sometimes 
sends just a diff (patch; the P status line), but in this case, after 
applying the patch cvsnt discovered that the resulting file is not 
what was expected, so it asks for a fresh copy (the U status line).

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Softlab SRL 

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