[cvsnt] cvs -d "Cannot access" "No such file or directory"

Carmo carmo at jfnet.com.br
Thu Nov 9 12:29:23 GMT 2006

   I not try you init remote repository, I obtain to create init remote
   repository in the CVSNT version

   I am only wanting to make in the CVSNT new version.
   Currently I init remote repository for the WinCVS:
   - Remote/Create new repository/ :

    ssh: carmo at hostlinux: /cvs/myproject/repo1 Necessary of more aid,
   currently work with multiply repository, one for each project. One I
   hug, Carmo
   WEBMAIL JFnet - Hospedagem IconHOSTS
   http://www.jfnet.com.br - http://www.iconhosts.com.br

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