[cvsnt] Modules file -o option

aqua aqua at dlink.org
Fri Nov 10 05:18:28 GMT 2006

Dear Group,

I am new to CVS administration. I would like to track who has checked out a particular module. How do I find this? I have added a history file to the CVSROOT and the command

C:\temp\CVSTest>cvs history -e -a

gives the complete details. But I would like to get a email or a separate log for module "Checkouts". Could you please give some pointers in the regard.

Also I tried to do this by adding a line in the CVSROOT/modules like 
CVSTest -o /temp/test.pl CVSTest
When I checkout a module from my command line
C:\Temp>cvs co CVSTest
cvs server: Updating CVSTest
U CVSTest/dvi2ps.pl
cvs server: Executing '/temp/test.pl CVSTest'

But there is no log file creation. 
==== test.pl=====
open( TMPLOG,">>c:/temp/CVS_Test") || die "Cannot Open CVS_Test\n";
print TMPLOG localtime() . " Checking Out " .  $ARVV[0] . "\n";
close TMPLOG;
Appreciate any pointers.


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