[cvsnt] Checksum failure after patch

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Nov 13 19:27:38 GMT 2006

Andy / Chuck,

> Is this email chain sufficient for a bug report in 
> 2.5.04 b2471 oe should I report it seperately somewhere?

This is the right place - but you haven't supplied the minimum

I did see your trace, but you need server side tracing enabled and to
send a complete trace (email address is in the FAQ) and we definitely
need the results from running cvsdiag on the client and the server.  

For this particular problem obtaining a client and server
commiunications log would be helpful (but can be quite time consuming):

We did not see this problem in testing so I suspect it is only occuring
in a few environments, or perhaps with "older" clients (I believe you
tested with 2.041 and 2.0.58 clients?).

I look forward to receiving the additional information.



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