[cvsnt] EVS Windermere (a1) Build 2512 (Test Build Nov 13 2006)

Richard Wirth richard at wirthware.de
Wed Nov 15 05:09:55 GMT 2006

Hello Tony,

Tuesday, November 14, 2006, 11:00:38 PM, you wrote:

TH> Richard Wirth wrote:
>> Hello Tony,
>> one first Bug ;-)
>> Client: Enterprise Version System (EVS) Windermere (a1) Build 2512 (Test Build Nov 13 2006)
>> Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2320 (client/server)
>> cvs -z9 -q update -P -d (in directory X:\module\C\)
>> cvs server: cannot open directory /<path-to-repo>//<path-to-repo>/module/C/part: No such file or directory
>> cvs server: skipping directory part
TH> What's the file structure like + contents of CVS/Repository? Sounds
TH> odd...  seems to work for me.

The file structure is from a long living sandbox.


/module/CVS/Repository: module

/module/C/CVS/Repository: /<path-to-repo>/module/C

/module/C/part/CVS/Repository: module/C/part

So it looks like there is an ugly entry in  module/C/CVS/Repository,
but regular CVS and CVSNT do accept it.


>> When a directory is renamed, but the renamed dir is included in
>> CVS/Entries and has itself a valid CVS/Repository. This directory is
>> skiped on update:

TH> Renamed how?

No, not related to cvs rename.
I renamed it myself. So I get different branches of the same module in
the same sandbox. So the structure is like this:

module_base/ModuleA             Head
module_base/ModuleA_Branch_X    Branch for customer X
module_base/ModuleA_Branch_Y    Branch for customer Y

And I include the renamed directories in module_base/CVS/Entries.

Best regards,
 Richard                            mailto:richard at wirthware.de

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