[cvsnt] user ' ' is not a valid editor of file ' '

Ute Gahlstorf Ute.Gahlstorf at arg.co.uk
Fri Nov 17 16:27:51 GMT 2006

Ute Gahlstorf wrote:

> I am using CVSNT 2.5.03 (Scorpio) Build 2382 and Tortoise
> I am trying to set CVSNT and Tortoise up and for that purpose I 
> created some experimental modules in a repository on the server.
> I have checked out one of the modules, replaced some files, modified 
> others and cvs removed a few.
> Then I tried to commit the changes from my PC across the network to 
> the server.
> Tortoise gave me the following error on some of the binary files 
> (.lib,
> .gif):
> "user '...' is not a valid editor of file '...'"
> I am a bit puzzled by that, because I am currently the only person 
> using CVSNT here. Could that message be related to entries in the 
> cvswrapper file?

You receive this message if a file enforces edit (I think it's the -kx
option). AFAIK Tortoise adds this option to binary files by default, but
this may depend on your edit policy setting. It means that you'd have to
use cvs edit before editing such a file. (Which is a good thing if you
have more than one user.)


That was easy! Thanks again.

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