[cvsnt] newbie asks 2.5.03 upgrade consequences

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-cvsnt at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Nov 20 23:51:15 GMT 2006

At Monday 20/11/2006 18:11, Bo Berglund wrote:

>Unfortunately the MSI installer does not do what you expect it to do
>if you go the Custom way and change the install path...
>It also depends on the build number of CVSNT, I found today that this
>Works OK, if you set it to c:\programs\cvsnt\ the files wind up there
>Not OK, this installet deposits the files in c:\programs\cvsnt\CVSNT\
>Not OK, here the end folder is c:\programs\cvsnt\CVS Tools\
>I really cannot understand why Tony is moving the files around like
>this and why they cannot be put where instructed.
>I have a number of other applications that have to be changed just
>because cvs.exe moves about like this, for example WinCvs stopped
>working after I installed both 2442 and 2471 until I changed the
>preferences to re-target the cvs.exe.

I have the same problems with that "moving target"...

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