[cvsnt] Checked out files UNIX permissions

Matt Schuckmann matt at schuckmannacres.com
Tue Nov 21 01:06:14 GMT 2006

We recently upgraded our CVS server from an older version of GNU CVS (I 
can't remember the exact version right now) to CVSNT 2.5.03 (Scorpio) 
Build 2382.

The server is running on a Red Hat Linux 4 box and we have a variety of 
clients (some new CVSNT some old GNU CVS) on Windows and Linux boxes.

We just noticed that the execute permissions for our script files are no 
longer being set properly when we checkout a fresh sandbox on a Linux 
system (not sure which client). This is for files that have been in the 
repository for a long time and have been being checked out with the 
correct permissions for a long time with the old server. Is this a known 
issue or has anybody experienced this before?

It does seem that if we check out the files and manual set the 
permission back to execute and then force a commit, the permissions do 
seem to be preserved on the next clean check out, but we can't find 
where the permissions are stored in the actual repository so I'm worried 
that they won't stick long term, are my worries ill founded?

I tried to look around the documentation and message boards for 
something on this and came up surprisingly empty handed. I did find one 
post from way back in 2002 that seemed to indicate that CVSNT (and CVS 
for that matter) didn't support preserving UNIX permissions but I just 
can't believe it's still the case, after all our old CVS server 
supported it.

Matt S.

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