[cvsnt] newbie asks 2.5.03 upgrade consequences

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Sun Nov 26 11:15:54 GMT 2006

Glen Starrett wrote:

> Any whitespace-containing path has an equivalent non-spaced path.  Using 
> "dir /x" will show the equivalent path -- assuming there isn't something 
> in W2003+ that I don't know of offhand that has removed those features.

> So, you can use 'cd progra~1' or 'cd "program files"' and it'll do the 
> same thing.

Not always. "Program Files" is not guaranteed to be "PROGRA~1", it could
just as well be "PROGRA~2". 

You have to parse the output of something like "dir /x" or use some API
call like GetShortPathName or FileObject.ShortName of a file object in
FileSystemObject to find out what the short name associated with any long
name is.


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