[cvsnt] (CVS/Repository missing)

Bala S us_email_2006 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 00:43:34 GMT 2006

Hello everyone,    I have just installed CVSNT and i'm reading  the manual and I'm trying to set it up.    Everything went well. I have a repository named MyRepo at E:\Repositories\MyRepo, I have 2 projetcts inside it.  I can make checkout, checkin.    But now I am at the Security chapter. Until now everybody could connect to my CVSNT server.    Following the manual:        1.  I denied free acces  by setting the AclMode to normal in the CVSROOT/config file. I tested and indeed, noone is allowed to do checkout anymore.        2. I added a user:              C:\Documents and Settings\Mihaela>cvs passwd -a Andrei              Adding user Andrei              New Password:              Verify Password:              cvs passwd: *WARNING* CVS user 'Andrei' will not be able to log in until they are aliased to a valid system user.        3. I tried to give everyone the right to read the projects. So I went in E:\Repositories\MyRepo and:              E:\Repositories\MyRepo>cvs chacl
 -a read prj1 prj2              cvs chacl: ignoring prj1 (CVS/Repository missing)              cvs chacl: ignoring prj2 (CVS/Repository missing)                E:\Repositories\MyRepo>    What is this??? I checked the manual and I cound't fing anything usefull.    Can anyone help me?  Thank you very much!


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