[cvsnt] Register comments on commit

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at melandra.com
Wed Nov 29 15:15:18 GMT 2006

> From: iñaki
> But i don´t know how to force write comments in file...

Others on the list will tell you the technical solution.  The only real solution is to tell your developers to write proper comments, keep telling them when they don't do it, and hit them over the head with your procedures manual if they still don't.

Trapping bad comments is like writing an anti-spam system: you're always one step behind.  Developers will commit with blank comments.  Then you sto that, so they put in "qqq".  Then you stop that, so they paste a line from their most recent email.  The solution is human, not technical: teach your developers why commit comments are good for them.

Just my €0.02.

		- Peter

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