[cvsnt] Basic CVS question

Jeff Douglass ist at att.net
Thu Nov 30 17:53:25 GMT 2006

I must not have made myself clear. My apploigies. I have multiple modules in 
my CVS. Each module is a different embedded system software product and I 
use cvs to manage changes to these modules as usual. All of these products 
are based mostly on the same code base with changes to a small subset of 
files. I still do, however, for each product create a new module that 
contains all the files needed for the build. The results in each 
product/module containin alot of the same files. This is probably not the 
most elegent approach but is what I am doing. My questing is related to the 
how I go about making a new product. Currently I checkout an existing module 
( all the files), make the required changes to a few of the files, and then 
create and new module for the new product and check in all the files to the 
new module. For example.

1) checkout module Product1
2) change say 3 out of the 10 files to produce the new product
3) create a new module for Product2
4) comit all the files into Product2

So checkout a module for the purpose of creating a new module never 
intending to comit anything back into the original module. I am just 
checking out an existing module to use as the code base for a new module.

Does this make more sence?



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