[cvsnt] Basic CVS question

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Thu Nov 30 21:37:21 GMT 2006

Jeff Douglass wrote:

> So are there any bad side effects to checking out a module and never
> commiting back into that module? My question stems from the fact that I do
> not know what CVS does behind the sceens. If I just wanted to play around
> with a module by checking out the module, playing with the working files,
> and then just deleting all the working files that were checked out would
> that be a problem.

No problem whatsoever.

> I don't know if the CVS repository knows that something 
> was checkout and never put back possibly causing problems later on if I
> again check out files from the module, modify them and then comit them
> back in or if the only record of items checked out is kept in the actual
> working directory where the items were checked out to.

CVS/CVSNT doesn't care at all... its the concurrent in its name that's the
give away... unless you do a reserved edit/lock on a file, it doesn't care
about anything that you checkout. Its only when you try to commit that
things really happen (the major one being when two people work on the same
file and you get conflicts).

David Somers

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