[cvsnt] SSPI Configuration

Trevor Hughes trevor at adaptivetechinc.com
Tue Apr 3 18:21:30 BST 2007

Oh great wise ones.


We are trying to get CVSNT up and running.  I've got it installed on a
dedicated raid partition on the server (MS SBS 2003) and it appears to work
OK there.  I've added a module and checked it out, made some revisions and
such - all OK.  However, on my client computer, I cannot connect.  We want
to use SSPI because we are in an authenticated domain.  I've tried system
auth = yes and no, user ID in the passwd file and not, and user ID in admin
and not.  I stop and restart the services after each change.  I do not
restart the server though.  I'm using tortoise and my test is downloading
the list of modules.  Whatever the setting, I receive an unrecognized auth
response - even when trying pserver.  I am entirely confident that there is
something amazingly stupid I am missing, but I have no idea what that might
be.  Any takes on helping me?  Thanks in advance.





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